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Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Robot is reading data from a disk. "We set up a probe to monitor the one in the factory lab." is currently shown.

Factory, the puzzle platformer I've been making, is OUT!

Read on to learn a bit more about the game...


Factory is a puzzle-platformer game where you inhabit a robotic head and explore a factory to learn {redacted}.

Why are you here? How can you get out? Who runs the factory? Perhaps you'll discover the answers to these questions... if they can be answered at all.


🎮 Retro-style gameplay with a modern feel.
🤖 Head-swapping action.
🧩 Environmental puzzles.
✍️ A story told in fragments.

I'll post a little more below about the game and what I'm trying to do with this release but I hope you check it out and have fun! I'd say it's more of a difficult game than some of my other work, but I hope that's appealing in the context of the world. If you pay $3 you can download it for all platforms, including a .p8.png file for handhelds!

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any...


So one of the main things I want to try with this game (outside of the game idea itself!) is whether Itch can work for funding a niche game like this. Scared Little Ghost has been fairly well received by the folks who I've shown it to, but funding it has been tricky because it sits in a strange niche where a lot of publishers generally don't operate. So for this game, I've tried making more of a smaller experience, and if it sells then I'll expand it for a full release. I haven't tried this before, so it will be interesting to see how it goes! So this is my appeal to you, if you like what the game is doing and would like to see something a little larger in that style then please consider purchasing a copy of the game!

The game

I don't really want to say too much about the game or how it plays, but I wanted to try making a platformer where you would have to consider your entire path through the game in order to effectively navigate. It was heavily inspired by ElecHead and LOVE which are both amazing games that I highly recommend picking up.

If you play the game then thank you and I hope you enjoy it! If you manage to clear it I would love to hear about it! If you find 8 disks then you're amazing!