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Back from holidays

Monday, August 21st, 2023

Warabi Mochi

So I'm back from holidays! We had a nice time in Japan, although I unfortunately was sick for the last few days we were there. But! It was really nice to travel around, see friends old and new, and eat lots of delicious food!

I got to go to Tokyo Game Dungeon and play Nice Disc against Daikon and Renkon, as well as lots of other neat indie games. It was a big highlight of the trip - I don't often get to go to indie game events these days and I really enjoy seeing what folk are working on. My favourite game of the show was シカクリバーシ by HeX Wrench, which is this kinda intense Reversi game with no grid. (You can play the demo at that link!)

I also went to Takayama and Shirakawa-go for the first time in many years - I really like Gifu prefecture and it was great to be able to go and visit the area again.

Shirakawa Village

Now I'm back in the UK thoughts are turning once again to what's next. School starts again for the kids in a few weeks, so I'm hoping to take some time until then to finish off the journaling game I've been sort-of-putting-off-no-really-i'll-do-my-best-to-finish-it-this-time-really!! Hopefully after that is done I can put some more focus into whatever the next major thing is. What that is... it kind of depends. Given the world today I'm more seriously having a poke around at the job market to see if there's anything there which might suit. Whilst I do enjoy the independent development life, I think before the end of the year I've got to find some kind of 'stable' income. That could still be indie development! Which would be rad!! But it's hard!!!

Anyhow, thanks for reading. Like I talked about last time, I've honestly stopped posting a lot on social media accounts - I did a few travel posts in Japan, but nothing much else. And honestly, I don't really miss it right now, which is why if you read this and follow me on the socials you might have noticed a lack of anything. So... we'll see! Still!! I make no promises!!!?!